Welcome and thank you for taking the time to view our website and show an interest in renting from us. We pride ourselves in providing well maintained rental properties and building respectful relationships with our tenants. As a current or prospective tenant you can expect when you rent from us that we strive to do the following:

-         Provide Tenant(s) with a clean, safe, and well-kept property upon commencement of the lease.

-         To be courteous toward Tenant(s).

-         Respond to any phone call received from Tenant(s) regarding housing problems within 24 hours and sooner in the case of an emergency.

-         Make necessary repairs within a reasonable and appropriate amount of time.

-         Provide to Tenant(s) an estimated time frame for the completion of repairs and communicate what responsibility Tenant(s) will have in order for work to be completed.

-         Provide reasonable notice prior to showing property to prospective tenants.

In keeping with this idea of providing well-maintained safe properties for students to rent, we have been very active in the U.A.L.A (University Area Landlord Association). This organization was formed to bring landlords, with the same desire for better student rentals, together in an effort to help the City of Muncie with problems that face the neighborhoods surrounding the Ball State campus. Some of these problems are: home maintenance, trash, noise, and parking. The U.A.L.A. has accomplished a number of things including a minimum set of standards for membership. These minimum standards should help insure members take better care of their properties and are more attentive to their tenants.


Because we hold higher standards for ourselves and our properties than some other landlords, we expect a little more from our tenants also. Some examples of our expectations include:


-         Maintain the property in a clean and safe manner.

-         Notify us of any problems or issues that need to be addressed with the house.

-         Not have loud or disturbing parties that might offend neighbors.

-         Respond in a reasonable amount of time to phone calls from us.

-         Work with us to schedule and accommodate necessary repairs or maintenance.


        In closing, we would like to thank you, once again, for considering us for your rental needs and for taking the time to read this document and browse our website. Please call or email with any questions or concerns.


Phone: (765) 254-9999

Email: sandy@smileproperties-bsu.com